3 reasons why the Phoenix Suns should sign Carmelo Anthony

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3 reasons why the Phoenix Suns should sign Carmelo Anthony

The Phoenix Suns and future Hall of Fame forward Carmelo Anthony have one thing in common: they have never won an NBA Championship. A partnership between the two could help lead the  Suns back to the NBA Finals.

The shared motivation should help the Suns immensely, with the team needing veteran leadership after a tumultuous offseason. The departure of veteran center Javale McGee has taken some spirit away from the team – he was often the hype man in the team’s huddle and gave the team strong minutes as backup to Suns starting center Deandre Ayton.

The addition of 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony could elevate the Phoenix Suns into championship contenders.

Anthony would theoretically be a great fit in the Suns locker room; while he is not as outwardly enthusiastic as McGee, he has the calming veteran presence needed to compliment Suns point-guard Chris Paul’s often-abrasive leadership style.

Javale McGee and Chris Paul together for the Phoenix Suns in 2021. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

In addition to the value he brings in the locker room, Anthony can still provide instant offense coming off the bench at an elite level. Going into his 20th NBA season, Anthony’s skillset can address the Suns offensive woes (more on that later!).

Furthermore, Anthony and Paul have long been close friends, having briefly been teammates with the Houston Rockets in 2018. That didn’t work out – Anthony was released shortly after the season started – but that had little to do with Paul. I would imagine these two players would love to be on the same team once again.

Both the Suns and Anthony are hungry to finally reach the NBA’s mountaintop. This appears to be a perfect fit on the surface. So what are the Suns waiting for? Here are three reasons why the Suns need to sign Carmelo Anthony immediately.

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