What North Phoenix Residents to Know About Allergies & Allergens

What North Phoenix Residents Need to Know About Allergies and Allergens

Whether you are new to the town of Anthem, New River or the North Phoenix area or have lived here your entire life, it is important to understand the specific health risks the area has to offer. Living in Anthem is certainly wonderful, with lots of amazing people, an exquisite (if hot and dry) climate, a wealth of great nature around, and many things to see and do.

That having been said, the unique climate and more remote area that makes Anthem so special also means that several allergies are more common here. Our Anthem allergy and asthma specialists meet lots of individuals suffering from a constant cough, itchy eyes, running nose, etc who are shocked to learn that their beautiful North Phoenix desert location is contributing to their suffering!

No matter what part of the Phoenix region you call home, it is important to understand the various allergy triggers that exist, not only here but elsewhere as well. Here are some of the allergy challenges that exist, along with some smart advice for living with and treating them.

Common Allergens in Anthem AZ:

Indeed, the mountainous desert climate of Anthem Arizona contains several common allergens that can trigger an asthma attack or make breathing problems worse. Those culprits include Bermuda and Rye grasses; plants such as Ragweed, Sagebrush, and Tumbleweed; trees such as the Palo Verde, Mesquite, Olive, and Sycamore; and other types of native and not native plants. Whether you or your child has already been diagnosed with asthma or you are merely concerned about symptoms you see, you owe it to your family to get prompt treatment for this common condition.

Allergic Rhinitis

You may know it as hay fever, but to the medical community, it is allergic rhinitis. No matter what you call it, however, the symptoms can be just as uncomfortable.

Since Arizona does not get frost, we, unfortunately, have a year-round allergy season, and then get two seasonal spikes that worsen allergens in the air. Hay fever can be triggered by several common indoor and outdoor pollutants, including pollen, dust mites, and even the presence of your pets.

The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are often mistaken for those of the common cold, and that can delay effective treatment and make recovery time longer than it should be. You should suspect allergic rhinitis any time you experience symptoms like congestion, itchy eyes, or a persistent runny nose. If you need help with these symptoms, just give the office a call – we can determine if your issues are the result of a cold or if the real culprit is allergic rhinitis.

Childhood Allergies

There is no doubt that the area of Anthem and New River is a great place to grow up. The abundant sunshine, the stunning vistas, the friendly people, and the unique local wildlife make the region one of the most popular landing spots for families from all over the country.

Whether you are a recent transplant or a lifelong resident, there are plenty of reasons to put down roots here and raise a family. As your children grow up, however, you may notice some allergies developing, and having those allergies treated could literally be lifesaving.

Even if you do not have kids, you probably know that things like peanut allergies are on the rise. If you do have kids chances are at least a few classmates will be allergic to this common food, and that means peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may no longer be allowed in the lunchbox.

That is just one example, of course. Not all allergies are life-threatening or especially harmful, but they can still trigger symptoms like sneezing, sore throats, and runny noses. Having those childhood allergies treated promptly could mean less time out of school and more time in the classroom.


Many people relocate to the Anthem/New River area for its unique geology, and climate, and this weather can indeed be good for your overall physical health and mental well-being. Those coming from the east may be pleased to find that there are fewer mold spores in the North Phoenix air, but that does not mean that air is free of all allergy and asthma triggers.

Pet Allergies

Arizonan families love their pets, but pet dander and excess hair are common allergy triggers. Children who are allergic to pet hair and dander may find relief in exotic pets – there are plenty of snakes and lizards roaming the desert and populating the pet stores, but that is not the only solution.

If you love your four-legged furry family member but not the allergy symptoms they create, there are remedies available. A lot is known about the causes of pet allergies and their treatment, so you do not have to give away a beloved family member just because someone in your household is allergic.

There is a lot to love about living in the Anthem/North Phoenix area. From the abundant sunshine and amazing weather to the growing economy and friendly people, there are plenty of great things about the region. Even so, the region is not without its health challenges, and if you are suffering from any kind of allergy it is important to seek out the treatment you need to shorten the duration of your symptoms and help you feel better fast.

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