You Can Hear the Song of This Town’ Closes This Sunday at Phoenix Art Museum

Don’t miss your last chance to experience Mr.: You Can Hear the Song of This Town before it closes this Sunday, March 12. The immersive special-engagement exhibition explores the vivid, chaotic, and manga-inspired world of one of today’s most popular Japanese artists.

Mr.: You Can Hear the Song of This Town showcases the imaginative and visually complex works of contemporary Japanese artist Mr. A self-described member of the otaku subculture—characterized by obsessive interests in anime, manga, and reclusion into virtual fantasy worlds—Mr. creates feverish, graffiti-inspired paintings and cartoon-like sculptures, installations, and video works that combine high and low culture to examine themes of desire, fantasy, and trauma within Japanese society and among a global audience obsessed with social media.


Saturday + Sunday /// 10 am – 5 pm

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