Arizona’s Second-Largest School District Honored for Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in STEM

Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) has had the longest running implementation of zSpace AR/VR technology in Arizona. The district implemented 59 zSpace computers and was the first to adopt the glasses-free Inspire AR/VR laptops which creates an immersive and interactive experience where lifelike content seems to “leap out of the screen.” This is particularly helpful for STEM instruction because it allows students to do things that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible or expensive.

Activities and content accessed on the zSpace laptops are aligned with NGSS and state standards, allowing students to complete tasks and build upon their knowledge in zSpace or in real life. Additionally, teachers have the opportunity to customize content by creating personalized videos, building quizzes and using zSpace either synchronously or asynchronously.

“From where we began in 2016 to where we are today with zSpace technology is amazing,” said CUSD Superintendent Frank Narducci. “In just a few short years, the amount of 21st century learning opportunities we have been able to provide students as young as five has grown exponentially. We are thankful for this partnership.”

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