Pick of the Day: 1977 Buick Century Custom Coupe

It’s somewhat fascinating to find a car that used to be common but hasn’t been common for awhile. The rate of attrition plays a part, as does the level of enthusiasm a vehicle has had in the past. Combine those factors with a Malaise vehicle from the 1970s and you have the makings of a car that’s likely rarer than so-called rare cars. This 1977 Buick Century Custom Coupe is one such vehicle, which is why it’s our Pick of the Day. It’s for sale on ClassicCars.com by a dealership in Tacoma, Washington. (Click the link to view the listing)

The 1977 Buick Century was the last of the line before General Motors downsized its mid-size cars. Introduced in 1973, the “Colonnade” Buicks were a nice update from the 1968-72 models, but they dawned during a time when structural and mechanical compromises were being demanded by the federal government. As such, few models from this era capture the imagination of collectors.

For 1977, the Colonnade Buick coupes ranked like this: Century Special was the bargain of the mid-size line, offering Buick qualities at a price point that was more competitive with lesser brands. It, along with the base Century, featured a slicker roofline. Move up to the Century Custom and you received a more formal roofline, which also was shared with the upmarket Regal. The Regal also featured its own front end with a grille that was vertical and squarish rather than slanted and rakish like the Centurys.

Not only is this 1977 Buick Century Custom Coupe a nicely preserved example of something that used to be seen in Everywhere, USA, but it’s also a nicely equipped example. Looking at the build sheet, it was originally built with bucket seats, Landau vinyl top, accent stripe, power front disc brakes, 350 two-barrel, tilt steering wheel, chrome mag wheels, and a host of other less interesting equipment. Color is Firethorn with a matching interior.

The seller of this 1977 Century Custom Coupe says it’s “still equipped with its CAT and single exhaust” and that the interior is mostly original and in good shape though “with fading from the sun over the years.” With a claimed 59,000 miles, $9,995 seems like a fantastic buy for a “nice solid old car that you do not see a lot of these days.”

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