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Junkyard Gems | ClassicCars.com Journal

Wandering through the wreckage at the local “pick-and-pull” junkyard is always a humbling experience. Every vehicle being torn apart for parts has some sort of story to tell. My thoughts always turn to each vehicle’s original owner – someone who took great pride in purchasing it new. I wonder what those people would have to say about their former pride and joy if they were walking alongside me and could share its story.

This early-Sunday-morning junkyard stroll provided treasure trove of conversation pieces – forgotten cars, trucks, minivans, and sport utility vehicles that have been retired from duty and relegated to donate their remaining usable parts to other vehicles. I came away from the experience with a few favorite vehicles. And it was worth the $2 entry fee for the sake of entertainment and nostalgia.

Here are five vehicles that caught my eye from my scavenger hunt, all of which happen to be from the 1990s, which is my favorite era of (now-classic) automobiles.

1998 BMW 740iL

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