Checking it Twice: Our Automotive Tips from 2022

Throughout 2022 we’ve shared and created a variety of tips and suggestions related to all things cars. From auto insurance tips to how to sell your car, we’ve got it covered! Below you’ll find the Journal’s cumulative list for 2022.

Let us know in the comments if there are any guides you’d like to see in 2023.

  • Thinking of attending a concours? Use Andy’s first-hand experience to help you prepare.
  • Found yourself in a pickle? As a former auto insurance claims adjuster, David has some tips to help smooth out the process.
  • If you’re selling your car (or just want some nice images), Diego’s writeup on car photography is a must read!
  • Speaking of selling your car, Andy has an informative piece on the dos and don’ts of creating a listing.
  • Not looking to sell, but need to get prepared for those photos? We have a solution: touchup kits
  • Winter is a great time for some to work on their cars, but keep in mind what limitations code readers have.
  • Your collection of vehicles is valuable, and sometimes mother nature can impede your ability to protect them. We’ve got a guide and suggestions for how to store your investments this winter.

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