Zoo Happenings

Zoo Happenings

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February 24, 2023

Felicity’s Second Birthday

The extremely adorable white-faced saki, Felicity, celebrated her second birthday on February 23. 

Next time you’re at the Zoo, make sure to wish her a very happy second birthday! Felicity and her mom Febe on the Forest of Uco Trail. 

Baba Blast at the Phoenix Zoo!

In these fun-filled learning videos for kids, Kyle from Baba Blast! visits the amazing and full of animals, Phoenix Zoo! Plus he takes us on a tour of Dinosaurs in the Desert.

During your next Zoo visit make sure to check out the Zoocademy Awards Show and Dinosaurs in the Desert!


Meet the Flock!

It takes a village (or a flock) to raise a chick! Both flamingo parents produce crop milk, which is filled with healthy proteins and fats, to feed the chick until it can eat on its own.

Next time you’re at the Zoo, stop by the greater flamingo habitat to see the flamingo chicks!


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