What Fun it is to B.E. Poking Around!

Behavioral Enrichment is a vital part of our keepers’ day, ensuring that the animals in their care have stimulation and opportunities to do what they do best, be themselves! All of our B.E. is purposeful, with specific goals and natural behaviors in mind. Choice for our animals is important and through their B.E., our animals are able to exercise control within their environment. But, B.E. is not one-size fits all. What works for one animal, may not work for another. For this reason, our staff are trained to make behavioral observations, evaluate our animals’ interactions, and be flexible in their work to cater to our animal’s needs. An animal’s natural history, individual history, exhibit setting, and management style are all factors that need to be considered when developing B.E. for them.

Coming to the Zoo is always a unique experience, but if you are lucky enough you may get to see our animals having unique experiences too! All animals at the Zoo are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, inspiring guests and encouraging participation in their conservation, but those that are part of Ambassador Animal Resources (AAR), are able to connect with guests in an up close and personal way through animal encounters. Our AAR team have daily shows where they educate guests about the animals in their care, as well as special encounters out in the park. You might just happen upon Kayamba, our Cape porcupine out for a stroll.

Phoenix Zoo

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