North America’s Cutest Mammal That You Rarely Get to See

North America’s Cutest Animal That You Rarely Get to See!

Dear Zoo Members, Friends and Supporters,

Your Phoenix Zoo is a valuable part of our community and throughout the year we hear so many stories about what the Zoo means to you.

You know you can count on us to provide lifelong memories, nature-based education, and species recovery. This time of year, the Phoenix Zoo is counting on YOU.

Slate and Bugsy, our adorable Arizona ringtails, need a new home. A current priority for the Phoenix Zoo is to double the habitat size. Bugsy is approximately 1.5 years old and recently came to us from the Austin Wildlife Refuge in Texas.  After introductions, the two will be sharing the current ringtail habitat in the Arizona Trail.

The new space will double the size of their current habitat and allow separate areas when needed for breading. The height of the new habitat will also increase, which will be greatly enjoyed by this arboreal species. 

This new space will also be beneficial for their care and breeding, allowing the Zoo to continue contributing to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Program.

Zoo friends Julie and Dieter Gable have offered $10,000 to match every contribution dollar-for-dollar – doubling your donation, now through December 31. Your tax-deductible gift can make twice the difference!

We hope we can count on you – because Slate and Bugsy need your support.  

All year-end gifts will go towards doubling the size of the habitat for Slate and Bugsy.  

Any gift you make brings us closer to our goal and securing the match!

With our sincerest gratitude,


Norberto J. (Bert) Castro
Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo

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