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Pick of the Day: 1933 Ford hot rod

Former Phoenix Suns guard waived as Pacific rival shows interest

Fourth-Generation Ford Mustang concept cars

Question of the Day: Do you like the Volkswagen Squareback?

Ayton building corner three, so what’s the expectation?

Origin Acoustics Brings Velodyne Back to the U.S.

Phoenix Suns wing depth facing further strain after latest injury news

I Just Saw the Best Projector Demo Ever at CEDIA 2022

This 110″ Samsung Micro-LED Display is the Future of TVs

9th Annual Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion

Phoenix Weather

About Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix ( FEE-niks; Navajo: Hoozdo; Spanish: Fénix or Fínix, Walapai: Banyà:nyuwá) is the capital and most populous city in the American state of Arizona, with 1,608,139 residents as of 2020. It is the fifth-most populous city in the United States, and one of only two state capitals with a population of more than one million residents, along with Austin.Phoenix is the anchor of the Phoenix metropolitan area, also known as the Valley of the Sun, which in turn is part of the Salt River Valley. The metropolitan area is the 11th largest by population in the United States, with approximately 4.85 million people as of 2020. Phoenix, the seat of Maricopa County, is the largest city in the state at 517.9 square miles (1,341 km2), and one of the largest cities in the United States. It is the largest metropolitan area, both by population and size, of the Arizona Sun Corridor megaregion. Phoenix was settled in 1867 as an agricultural community near the confluence of the Salt and Gila Rivers and was incorporated as a city in 1881. It became the capital of Arizona Territory in 1889. It is in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert and has a hot desert climate. Despite this, its canal system led to a thriving farming community with the original settlers' crops remaining important parts of the Phoenix economy for decades, such as alfalfa, cotton, citrus, and hay. Cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper were known locally as the "Five C's" anchoring Phoenix's economy.

Neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona

Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona


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