Proof Suns fans should hold faith in Monty Williams’ management style

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Proof Suns fans should hold faith in Monty Williams’ management style

In terms of public opinion, Monty Williams may be at his lowest reputation since becoming head coach of the Phoenix Suns over three years ago. That’s more about his relative success as Suns coach though rather than the team’s current situation.

Still, it’s been a tough few months for the franchise and Williams hasn’t escaped criticism. Many believe he was out coached by Jason Kidd in the Suns playoff loss to the Dallas Mavericks, while more recently, his decision to isolate from players during the offseason certainly surprised many.

The NBA’s general manager survey proves that Phoenix Suns fans should have no concern with the management style of head coach Monty Williams.

On Tuesday, Williams again reiterated his stance on the relationship between he and Ayton. Last week the latter made headlines by stating he hadn’t spoken to his coach since the team’s disastrous game seven loss.

While Williams and the Suns face some pressure ahead of the season, the survey of general managers proves that Williams’ management style is highly respected around the league. When asked which head coach was the best motivator/manager of people, 28% of general managers responded with Williams. That’s high praise for the 50-year-old who placed second behind four-time championship winning coach Steve Kerr (38%).

Williams was tied third for having the best defensive scheme in the league, while he also received one voted for having the best offensive scheme. However, the Suns capitulation to the Mavericks must have been a contributing factor to his absence from the list of ‘best in-game adjustments’. Six head coaches received a vote led by the Los Angeles Clippers’ Tyronn Lue (55%).

Williams also tied with Gregg Popovich for third best overall coach in the league, with Miami Heat’s Erik Spoelstra (52%) and Kerr (22%) placing in the top two. Although he may need to restore some faith with strong performances this season, fans should be optimistic of that occurring given Williams’ reputation among general managers.

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