Projected Phoenix Suns starting lineup against LA Clippers Game 1

With the playoffs set to start for our Phoenix Suns, we are all thinking about two significant numbers for our projected starting five, nine, and sixteen.

The Phoenix Suns are as healthy as they have been all season, with only one player – Cam Payne – questionable for game one Sunday evening at the Footprint Center. This is good news for Phoenix and Suns’ fans across the valley, assuming the projected five can make it through the playoffs, which is no small feat given the Suns’ injury woes this season. Healthy and ready, here is our projected starting five.

Phoenix Suns starting five as the playoffs get underways

There are few questions about who will start for the Phoenix Suns, with four positions nailed down by max contract players. With Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Kevin Durant available and ready, the only real question would be the fifth position on the floor.

Based on what we have seen of Phoenix since the trade of Mikal Bridges and the arrival of KD, Josh Okogie is the first choice to start with Booker and Paul in the backcourt. Okogie is a defensive-minded wing who likes to drive and run out on the fast break.

Suns Starting Five

  • Chris Paul (59 starts for PHX)
  • Devin Booker (53 starts for PHX)
  • Josh Okogie (26 starts for PHX)
  • Kevin Durant (8 starts for PHX)
  • Deandre Ayton (67 starts for PHX)

This lineup of Paul, Booker, Okogie, Durant, and Ayton has made a grand total of eight previous appearances this season, making this Phoenix team a true work in progress. As they embark on the journey toward what we hope will be the end of 55 years of disappointment, we hope this is not another painful learning experience for the team and valley.

With two players capable of going off for 40 on any night in Durant and DBook, the Suns have as much headline talent as any team in the playoffs. KD also brings the experience of having been there and done that as a two-time NBA Finals MVP, which adds something to these Suns that past teams have lacked in championship mentality.

Sixteen wins from a team that has only played eight games together may seem like a lot, but with this starting lineup, anything is possible, and an end to our collective misery as Suns fans may soon end.

Valley of the Suns

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