Roku to Release Their Own Roku Branded TVs

Roku is making its own Roku-branded TVs to be released in the spring of 2023. The streaming company announced the launch of Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs. These HD and 4K TVs are the first to be designed and made by Roku.

Roku TVs will come in 11 models from 24 to 75 inches ranging in price between $119 and $999.

We might expect that a new Roku TV OS will be released together with the new TVs. And, presumably will add new features to the already impressive line of benefits, including agnostic voice search, switching inputs from the home screen, free Roku Channel, Apple AirPlay capabilities, and more.

“Over the past 20 years, Roku has been instrumental in what is now the mainstream way to enjoy a great television series, a classic movie, or live sports,” said Mustafa Ozgen, President, of Devices, Roku. “Our goal is to continue to create an even better TV experience for everyone. These Roku-branded TVs will not only complement the current line of partner-branded Roku TV models but also allow us to enable future smart TV innovations. The streaming revolution has just begun.”

A new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar will also be released in the spring. The soundbar works with Roku Select and Plus Series TVs to expand the audio and can be paired with other wireless Roku speakers and bass for a complete surround sound home theater experience.

The HD Roku TVs will include the Roku Voice Remote with a push button microphone that can control the TV through voice commands. All Plus Series TVs will come with Roku Voice Remote Pros that have always-on microphones for hands-free voice control. These rechargeable remotes also feature Find My Remote, two programmable buttons, and Private Listening.

Roku TV was launched in 2014. According to Roku, the number-one-selling smart TV OS in Q3 2022 are Roku TVs, including those made by TCL, and Hisense. Since the first Roku TV model, 11 Roku TV reference designs have gone into production from 2k to 4k to 8k, and now OLED.

Along with Roku-branded TVs, Roku announced a premium OLED TV reference design available to Roku TV partners. The company expects that customers who appreciate the excellent OLED picture quality will also value the ease of use of the Roku operating system.

The new Roku-branded TVs underline the company’s commitment to delivering a great streaming experience at value pricing, made by “the people who pioneered TV streaming.” The in-house Roku TVs are expected to prompt new features for the TV operating systems and for the entire family of Roku streamers, including all current and future OEM partners.

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