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The Head Of The U.S. Small Business Administration Is In Phoenix To Show Off A New Program For Business Owners, And He Wants To Talk About It

Economic conditions have changed a lot since the pandemic began nearly two years ago, especially in Arizona, which has seen strong job growth, strong retail sales, and more people moving there. Federal government outreach programs are designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs find the help they need and make important connections. The number of

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The Greater Phoenix Chamber Develops Legislative Priorities For 2022

The government’s priorities include promoting economic recovery and pro-labor policies, maintaining a structurally sound budget, and safeguarding the business sector from excessive restrictions. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) has announced its legislative goals for the Second Regular Session of Arizona’s 55th Legislature, which will take place in the second week of January.

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Stats and trends for 2022 in Phoenix

Due to double-digit rent growth and a high price-to-rent ratio, Phoenix attracts more real estate investors than any other of the top 30 cities in the country. Phoenix, Arizona’s capital and most populous city, is nicknamed the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix has about 4.8 million citizens and is known for its inexpensive cost of

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Housing Tech Fuels Single-Family Rental Boom

Albert Hernandez, like many other Phoenix real estate speculators, intended to profit on the city’s explosive boom. From 2011 until 2022, he worked part-time for a hedge fund and worked full-time for Venture Real Estate LLC. He’s been creating a portfolio of single-family rental homes, the market’s fastest-growing category. Notably in Phoenix. “We blew up.

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