Made Up for Makeup to Beat the Heat 

“Make up can be expensive. We want to protect it from getting ruined and having to be replaced,” says Bergy Bag founder Heather Dziedzic. “Also, who loves wiping up melted lipstick off the sides of our makeup bags … not it!” So, she designed a fashionable cosmetic bag that keeps cosmetics or skin care — or anything that can melt or needs to stay cool — from melting or becoming comprised. “I was tired of borrowing my daughter’s emoji-insulated lunchbox to keep my expensive cosmetics cool and safe from meltdowns,” she shares. Bergy Bags are made with scratch- and water-resistant leather and the uniquely designed insulating layering holds up for up to four hours. And they can serve as well as a clutch after sunset.

Dziedzic’s biggest challenge was translating what was in her head to a sellable product. “Because I had no experience in the field of designing and manufacturing, I had to learn through networking, research and industry coaching,” she says, with appreciation to the many manufacturers and suppliers who coached her through the process. She founded the company in 2019 and began sales this past fall.

“Push your project along every day” she credits as the most valuable piece of advice she was given. “The second one is something my manager told me in my 20s while I was working in marketing for an enterprise software company: ‘Before you do everything else that you need to get done in a day, I want you first to do what is going to get us paid. ‘” In the early days at Bergy Bag, she says, that was to “get the bag here to sell.”

The ice pack has its own pocket that doubles as a room key holder. The sleeve behind the “Brrr, it’s cold in here” pocket is the V.I.P section for a cell phone. The specially sized and branded ice pack comes with every purchase and extras are sold separately. Dziedzic has applied for a provisional patent, and plans to expand the line to include different sizes and shapes, accessories and colors. 

Photo by Sarah Hoag Photography, courtesy of Bergy Bag

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