Healthcare Partnership to Bolster Value-Based Care Capabilities

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Healthcare Partnership to Bolster Value-Based Care Capabilities

Redirect Health has developed an end-to-end healthcare solution, simplifying and streamlining the patient experience with technology and providing access to virtual and in-office visits, chiropractic care, and more. Pearl Health brings provider-enablement and risk-bearing technology and expertise to help Redirect Health take the next step in its transition to value-based care through Medicare’s ACO REACH model.

This collaboration reflects a growing industry appetite for innovative value-based care models like Medicare’s ACO REACH, which provides enhanced revenue opportunities for primary care physicians and enables increased investment in holistic, preventative care.

Throughout 2022, Redirect Health has continued to expand its patients’ access to affordable, value-based healthcare in the Phoenix area, where the organization has its network of multi-specialty primary care facilities. Through the ACO REACH Model and Pearl Health, Redirect Health providers receive stable per member per month payments, which they can reinvest in their staff, practices, and patients.

“I’m excited to see all we can accomplish in unison with Pearl Health, particularly for our patients and members enrolled in Medicare,” said Dr. David Berg, CEO and Co-Founder at Redirect Health. “This partnership will extend our value-based care capabilities, giving Redirect Health providers the revenue stability needed to further invest in patient care while simultaneously incentivizing patients to get the help they need with reduced cost sharing.”

Redirect Health joins a growing community of primary care organizations across the country who have partnered with Pearl Health to participate in ACO REACH and enable the transition away from the volume-based, fee-for-service payments system toward incentives better aligned with value.

“Our partnership with Redirect Health shows their strong commitment to enabling providers to deliver the highest quality care for Medicare patients,” said Michael Kopko, CEO and Co-Founder at Pearl Health. “We’re thrilled to partner with a like-minded, forward-thinking multi-specialty group and are excited to continue building toward a more sustainable, value-based healthcare system.”

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