Vintage Certification at MCACN 2022

The Vintage Certification program at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) differs from other survivor-type judging because all marques are included. As such, experts schooled on specific vehicles are recruited for the judging team. For those of you who have encountered judging even at a local show, you can imagine the difficulty in assembling a team, especially for an event that has a specific assortment of cars slated to attend. Judges generally spend three hours per vehicle. Upon completion, each owner is provided with a six-page detailed report, a personalized certificate, plaque and poster.

There are five preservation levels of Vintage Certification to cater to the different levels of originality:

  • Vintage Time Capsule: 95+% unrestored in all areas
  • Vintage Legend: 85+% unrestored in all areas
  • Vintage Heritage: 85+% unrestored in four areas
  • Vintage Legacy: 85+% unrestored in three areas
  • Vintage Reference: unrestored in at least one vintage reference area

The goal is to give the owner an objective evaluation of an unrestored vehicle, as well as an informative experience. Of course, the goal is also to show us spectators some magnificent muscle cars — below you’ll find a nice variety of originals.

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This 1969 Corvette sports the small-block 350, which was new for the Corvette that year. Standard was 300 horsepower, but a Corvette exclusive was the new L46 350-horse 350 that was only available with a four-speed — in some ways, it was like a hydraulic-lifter LT-1 a year before the solid-lifter LT-1 debuted. Notice the 1970 Chevelle SS and L88 Corvette in the background.

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If you have trouble keeping track of all the variations of trim with the 1969 Camaro, you’re not alone. This Garnet Red COPO Camaro comes off as one of the prettier ones out there, and the D96 striping is but one reason. The striping was available as a stand-alone option, but it also was included in the Rally Sport package and the “Z21” Style Trim Group. Aside of the stripes, the latter included bright wheel opening moldings and drip moldings, rear fender louvers, black body sills, and taillight and headlight bezel accents.

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The first aggressive move in the aero wars was Dodge’s with the 1969 Charger 500. When it was first introduced, the R/T-based 500 was only available with the 426 Hemi, but the 440 Magnum became available when production started. If you read books that mention these cars, they often state that 392 were built in total, (well below the 500 required by NASCAR), but the numbers have been updated over the years and it is believed 580 were built.

mcacn, Vintage Certification at MCACN 2022, Journal

The 1969 Shelby GT350 was redesigned in 1969, just like the Mustang, but its racy styling was more distinct than ever and seems to have influenced the 1971 Mustang’s. Also new was a 351 Windsor rated at 290 horsepower, a nice improvement over the 302 used in the previous year’s model. Only 139 GT350 convertibles were built in 1969, plus an additional 57 of the nearly identical 1970s.

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