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Rezvani Motors unveiled its latest SUV at opening day of the 2023 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction and the seven-passenger Vengeance is equal parts luxury and armored transport. Company CEO Ferris Rezvani’s concept of the Vengeance was simple, “The goal was to put a science fiction video game concept car in people’s driveways.”

Rezvani Vengeance
Rezvani Vengeance

One glance at the Vengeance and you can see his realized goal. The exterior design was inspired by military vehicles with angled armored plates. The military theme continues as each Vengeance is issued a unique build number on the side of the hood. The muscular back end of the Vengeance further amplifies the “science fiction” aesthetic with futuristic lighting elements surrounded by sculpted body panels, functional air vents, and a signature REZVANI logo laser-etched into the trunk lid.

Rezvani Vengeance

For those consumers that want total protection you can opt for the Bullet Proof Military Package that includes:

  • Bulletproof Glass and Body Armor
  • Underside Explosive Protection
  • Smoke Screen Military Run flat tires 
  • Bulletproof vests and helmets
  • Thermal Night Vision System
  • Steel Ram Bumper 
  • Electrified Door Handles
  • Magnetic Dead Bolts
  • Pepper Spray Dispenser

Ultimately the Vengeance is an SUV and offers high-end amenities normally associated with luxury cars, not armored cars. It offers heated and ventilated, power-adjustable leather front bucket seats, the second row comes with the buyer’s choice of modern captain’s chairs or a full three-seat bench. All three rows of seats are leather. A standard curved OLED digital dashboard offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility with standard navigation and augmented-reality capabilities.

Rezvani Vengeance
Rezvani Vengeance

Vengeance is not cheap. It starts at $285,000 and is available for order.

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