Praga unveils hypercar developed with IndyCar driver Romain Grosjean

Another small hypercar company tossed its hat in the ring recently to garner a share of an exclusive and pricey market. However, the Praga Bohema has a different angle than other low-volume producers by having former Formula 1 and current IndyCar racer, Romain Grosjean, involved to develop the hypercar. The goal for the Bohema is simple to state but harder to pull off: to develop a high-performance track car that is civil enough to drive on public roads. Grosjean used the 3.7-mile Slovakia Ring circuit to assist in the Bohema’s development.

Praga Bohema
Praga Bohema

“I was astonished by the Bohema’s amazing performance on track, its accessibility on road, and the ease of transition between the two,” says Grosjean. “Praga truly delivered on my challenge! On the road, you get a smooth ride, the car eliminates the bumps, you can chat with the passenger, and everything is calm and OK. Then simply switch focus and you are on the track. The same clothes, the same car, but the feeling changes and you are pushing the limit and collecting amazing lap times again and again, discovering unbelievable possibilities in the Bohema. And we still have a few months to fine-tune the on-road compliance and on-track lap times!”

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