Pick of the Day: 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS 427

The SS 427 has been confusing enthusiasts, if not Chevrolet folks, for years. Available from 1967-69, they were a special model (actually the Z24 package) that differed from the regular Impala SS. For 1969, there was no Impala SS, leaving the SS 427 as being the only sporty full-size model available. Because of the enigma surrounding these cars, this 1969 Impala SS 427 for sale on ClassicCars.com by a dealer in Indiana is the perfect Pick of the Day. (Click the link to view the listing)

In 1969, the Z24 package was available for the Impala Sport Coupe, the formal Impala Custom Coupe and Impala Convertible. The package included an L36 390-horsepower 427, three-speed manual, black-accented grille, SS identification throughout, 15-inch wheels and redline tires. The L72 427 with 425 horsepower was an option, the last year for a solid-lifter big-block in the full-size series. This engine, as well as the L36, were available in regular Biscaynes, Bel Airs, Impalas and Caprices but none of them had the sporting flavor of the SS 427. In some respects, the 1969 SS 427 was a precursor to what the Monte Carlo SS 454 would become for 1970-71.

Only 2,455 Impalas were built with the Z24 package in 1969, which was the most built among the three years the package was available. There are no production numbers by body style, unfortunately, but the Pick of the Day stands out for two reasons: the data plate gives a hint at some of the options installed on this car from the factory and, since it was built in St. Therese, Quebec, Canada, documentation is available from Vintage Vehicle Services, a company with an association with GM of Canada.

While that document is not in the possession of the seller, we can read some of the codes on the data plate to know that this is an authentic Z24-equipped car with M20 wide-ratio four-speed, A51 front Strato-bucket front seats, C08 vinyl roof (now removed) and U80 rear auxiliary speaker. There likely are other options that aren’t listed on the data plate, so obtaining the invoice from Canada would solve that mystery.

The seller claims this Dusk Blue 1969 Impala SS 427 is numbers-matching and features 35,000 “original” miles on the odometer. (S)he posted an image of the vehicle looking quite nice (our lead photo), so clearly something happened along the way and the big ol’ Chevy became “shelf-worn.” Nonetheless, despite the “car … sitting [for] several years,” the “body is in very good shape other than the small rust spot under the rear window.” Seller assures that the “car will be cleaned up and running if inspection is ordered, loan applied for or deposit is given.”

For $37,500, this documented 1969 Impala SS 427 can be yours. Seems perfect for the guy or gal who enjoys spending time sprucing up cars, but will the cost to do such a thing be worth it at that price? That’s for you to determine.

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