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Petition to Save the Hemi V8

You’ve read it ad nauseum: Chrysler Corporation, a division of Stellantis, will be ditching the Hemi for greener pastures, in this case, electric propulsion. With Dodge’s “Last Call” series of special-editions giving enthusiasts like you and me an opportunity to revel in the swan-singing, it’s quite an exciting yet daunting moment. Why not offer both versions of propulsion to satisfy the current customer base while ticking the rest of us who fancy technological solutions to modern driving?

Alas, that scenario doesn’t seem to be happening. How disappointing! What’s an enthusiast to do?

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2020 50th Anniversary Edition Challengers

Frederick Scat Pack, located at Kufleitner Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram in Boardman, Ohio, seems to have a solution. Known as “The Challenger Guy,” Bob Frederick is a top supplier of Scat Pack and Hellcat Dodge models for customers all over the US of A due to his mission of finding the right muscle car or truck for you regardless of availability or rarity. To address this product-planning faux pas, Frederick developed an online petition to save the Hemi V8 addressed to CEO of Dodge/SRT, Tim Kuniskis, Stellantis Head of U.S. Sales, Jeffrey Kommor, and Stellantis CEO, Carlos Tavares. To wit:

The HEMI is the magic at the heart of it all. Whether it’s a 9-year-old kid or an 80-year-old man or woman, the first words out of their mouth when they come up to one of our products is “That thing got a HEMI in it?”. Yes, it’s THAT important and no other manufacturer has anything close! It appears there is a globalist agenda at work. It threatens our way of life and the globalists don’t understand us Americans, nor does it seem they care. The importance of V8 engines to us Americans is something that can’t be overstated and should never be underestimated. Sure, there may be a few 4 or 6 “bangers” with turbos cranked up that could outrun a lot of V8s, but nothing pumps adrenaline through an American Car Guy or Car Girl like a thundering V8 engine!

dodge, Petition to Save the Hemi V8, Journal
2023 “Last Call” Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Why hand Dodge customers to Ford on a silver platter? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? 😉 Hell, no! We want Hemis and we are willing to pay for them! That’s why Frederick Scat Pack  and, quite frankly, America needs your help — let your voice be heard and sign the petition at to join the growing number of enthusiasts who feel the American way of life is under attack!

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