Pavilions Car Show Reelin’ and a-Rockin’

Every Saturday afternoon, on the east side of Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll find the Pavilions Rock ‘n Roll Car Show. Held at the Pavilions at Talking Stick shopping center, this weekly event is where locals park their vehicles and pull out a chair to socialize with themselves and spectators alike.

On average, 250-500 cars will show up but, during Auction Week, the turnout balloons. For this very reason, we at the Journal stole away from Barrett-Jackson to see what was happening at this happening. Best of all, if you’re not tied to the auction, you can linger and see what comes and goes over the several hours of the event, as it’s not a static show.

Some notable cars were a quintet of AMCs, including both paint schemes of the SC/Rambler, a Rebel Machine, an SS/AMX and an extremely rare Trans Am Javelin; a 1970 Malibu with a 330-horsepower 402 (and 400 badges — how confusing!); a Brazilian Volkswagen; and a supercharged Studebaker Lark Daytona with a supercharged R2 289. Take a gander at the eclecticism and, remember, if you are in town for Auction Week next year, you owe it to yourself to spend time at the Pavilions (as if you really need to see more cars!).

The Journal

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