My Classic Car: 1968 Ford Mustang

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Bought my 1968 Ford Mustang when I was 15 for $300. Sounds cheap? There’s a reason…

The Mustang belonged to my dad’s friend’s wife. It had unfortunately been stolen and dumped into a quarry, but once they pulled it out, I was able to purchase the car.

Images provided by Rick D.

Dad was a mechanic and helped me get the car running, but we couldn’t do a lot to it because of finances. It ran well enough to be my daily driver throughout high school.

After high school, I went into the Army and got married. Then my Mustang sat for almost 35 years, as I switched to a “reliable” family car.

After getting remarried, my wife decided to search for the title, and once we found that, it was on! I spent the next two years restoring my Mustang. I drive the car whenever I can nowadays and couldn’t be happier. Not many people can say that they still have their first car, but I do!

Rick D., Massachusetts

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