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In the 18 years that Mike Adams has been a parts manager, he knew that his department would have to change the way they did business, especially after the 2020 pandemic hit. Mike joined Mercedes-Benz of Laredo in 2004, and in the years since he started, he’s noticed how the internet has transformed the parts retail market. “This is where the future is headed, and that’s what prompted me to start looking for platforms to start selling parts online.”

Mike and his team at Mercedes-Benz Laredo began their partnership with RevolutionParts in 2018, just two years before the start of the pandemic. “This was the first time I sold online, ever,” says Mike. Parts eCommerce represented uncharted territory, and at the beginning, Mike was unsure how to get started. 

“When we first started, we saw maybe one to two orders a month online,” says Mike. However, with time, effort, and help from their RevolutionParts customer success manager, they grew that into 300 orders a month. By 2020 they had generated $90k in monthly online revenue. “During COVID, our business just skyrocketed. It’s been a great experience.” 

Since 2020, his parts department has transformed into a well-oiled machine. Keeping a pulse on their online sales traffic seemed complicated at first, but with a little help, they were able to learn the ins and outs of parts eCommerce fairly quickly. 

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