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The RP Obsolescence Tool 

Sell Off More Aging and Obsolete Inventory Online

Identify, Tag, and Configure Pricing for Obsolete Parts

Manage Obsolete Inventory Across Multiple Channels 


Shoppers with older vehicles have unique needs and are not going directly to dealerships for these older parts; instead, their first stop will be online, even before they stop at their local aftermarket sellers. 

In fact, 74% of parts sold start with an online search. 

Getting your obsolete parts listed online is easy, but getting them to sell is the major challenge. Traditionally, the price of these older parts follows the pricing rules you set for the rest of your inventory. This pricing model doesn’t take the age or demand of older parts into account. 

Now, with the Obsolescence Tool, you can automatically tag any part that meets the criteria you set for an obsolete part. You can then configure special pricing rules that automatically apply to all obsolete parts listings. 

This helps your obsolete inventory stay competitive online and attract more buyers, meaning you get higher returns on these obsolete parts than traditional methods of reducing obsolescence. With the Obsolescence Tool, your team will be able to sell obsolete parts in higher volume and increase revenue with minimal operational input–managing it all from a single platform.

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