How to Reduce Returns and Set Up Your Return Policy – RevolutionParts

Having a return policy is more important now than ever— Invesp shows that 67% of eCommerce shoppers view a retailer’s return policy before making purchases, further indicating the importance of returns in driving purchasing decisions. 

With the right shipping processes in place, you can reduce the number of parts returns, decrease parts obsolescence, improve customer satisfaction, and lower the impact of sales loss. Hassle-free returns can be a chance for your parts department to gain loyal customers that keep coming back to buy from you. 

Want to learn how you can maximize your profits online? Download our free guide “How to Reduce Chargebacks” to get expert tips on how you can identify fraudulent orders and reduce the chances of losing potential parts sales. Once you can master these, your parts department will be running like a well-oiled machine. 

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