GM and Andretti Global Enter F1 Partnership

If you’re not into Formula 1, you may not be aware that teams can’t just join the circuit on a whim. In fact, the last time a team has joined was in 2014 — the only American team on the circuit. However, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA, Formula 1’s governing body) recently announced it was opening enrollment for teams to join the circuit.

And guess who’s intending to compete in Formula 1? Mario Andretti and Cadillac.

Indeed, Andretti Global has announced a partnership with General Motors to form a Formula 1 team and compete in the FIA Formula One World Championship. The new team will be called Andretti Cadillac and plans to submit an Expression of Interest to the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.

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“We are continuing to grow Andretti Global and its family of racing teams and always have our eyes on what’s next. I feel that we are well suited to be a new team for Formula One and can bring value to the series and our partners, and excitement for the fans. I’m proud to have GM and Cadillac alongside us as we pursue this goal … We now have the opportunity to combine our motorsport passions and dedication to innovation to build a true American F1 bid,” says Andretti.

According to Car and Driver, Andretti “previously sought to enter the championship on its own but struggled to gain traction.” The new partnership also should attract more Americans to the series.

Adds Mark Reuss, President of General Motors, “General Motors is honored to team with Andretti Global on this historic moment in racing. We have a long, rich history in motorsports and engineering innovation, and we are thrilled with the prospect of pairing with Andretti Global to form an American F1 team that will help spur even more global interest in the series and the sport.”

The team will be based in the U.S. and have a support facility in the U.K.

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