Drive the Bid: What Are the Most Listed Cars on AutoHunter?

What are the most popular cars on AutoHunter?

That’s something we wondered too, so we went through current and past auctions and took a tally. Some of the top cars were obvious. Others, not so much.

Do these vehicles reflect the state of the hobby? Perhaps. We all have our biases when it comes to cars, so we may have some cerebral blind spots that impede our observations of the marketplace.

And what are those vehicles? Don’t expect us to tell you — watch the first episode of Drive the Bid (or listen and pretend it’s a podcast!) and find out. But lest you think this is almost an hour discussing the most listed cars on AutoHunter, we’d say, “Au contraire, mon frère!” because we (myself, Derek Shiekhi and “Jalopy Jeff” Sutton) also discuss the new Lamborghini Revuelto hybrid and other new-car introductions at the New York International Auto Show, plus several of our favorite cars for sale on, our online auction.

Check it all out on AutoHunter Cinema, created by the experts behind, the world’s largest online collector car marketplace. AutoHunter brings forth a dedicated live customer support team, quicker auction listings and exclusive benefits for both buyers and sellers.

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