DodgeGarage to Offer ‘Cuda-inspired Challenger Wrap

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DodgeGarage to Offer ‘Cuda-inspired Challenger Wrap

Are you like me where you can’t settle on one color that you like when spec’ing out a car? DodgeGarage can settle the quandary for you—why choose one color when you can have them all?

“Your Dodge Challenger is a blank canvas, and this throwback design with 2023 hi-impact colors is exactly the upgrade you’re looking for to transform it into a vibrant work of art.” So, for a limited time, DodgeGarage has teamed up with CG Detroit to offer all 14 of Dodge’s roster of hi-impact colors for 2023.

Dodge challenger, DodgeGarage to Offer ‘Cuda-inspired Challenger Wrap, Journal
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The inspiration for this design comes from Plymouth’s 1970 Rapid Transit System brochure where graphic designers had a field day coloring a ‘Cuda race car with all the colors underneath the Ditzler sun. The image has been so popular over the years that noted Mopar collectors Tim and Pam Wellborn recreated the “paint chip car” several years ago.

Here’s the roster of 14 hues your perusal:

Dodge challenger, DodgeGarage to Offer ‘Cuda-inspired Challenger Wrap, Journal

If you’re curious about CG Detroit, the two letters stand for Competition Graphics and, since 1987, the company has handled a myriad of services including transporter graphics, custom displays, magnets, laser engraving, and so much more including (of course) vehicle wraps. Of course, with the auto industry in Detroit, CG Detroit are pros in supporting the graphic design needs of the Big Three and more.

The cost for the Challenger wrap is $3,700, which doesn’t include installation. Have a Widebody? Don’t fret, because the wrap will work for your Challenger too. Jumped the gun and bought a 2022 or earlier Challenger? Then you’re in luck because you can wrap any Challenger starting from 2008.

Perhaps you’re shedding a tear or two with Dodge’s plan to go electric, but there’s still plenty of time to see what Dodge has concocted to keep things interesting for 2023, including the final Last Call Challenger and Charger.

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