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This week’s theme for Friday’s AutoHunter Picks are cars that are separated by two decades each. Some are truly special, while others may be special to the owner. They all should be within reach for those who have a pocket full of money to burn. We all should be grateful that different facets of automotive history are within reach of the average collector. Which one do you prefer?

1942 Lincoln Continental Coupe
I have a fascination with cars from 1942 because it was an abbreviated model year due to our entrance into WWII. Every American car was unique, as the rehashes from 1946-47/48 were slightly different. Even if the 1942 Continental wasn’t as attractive as the 1940-41 cars to these eyes, the 1942 is distinctive.

Only 197 Lincoln Continental Coupes were built in 1942, all powered by a 305ci V12. Most were equipped with a three-speed manual, with this Victoria Coach Maroon example featuring the optional two-speed overdrive axle. Restored in 1991, this Continental Coupe reportedly took 1st place at an AACA event a number of years ago.

1969 AMC AMX
It seems everyone loves the AMX, but that doesn’t mean they also own one. I suppose brand allegiance gets in the way? Or is it the inconvenience of having room for no more than two people? Nevertheless, the AMX was a specialty vehicle like no other in the 1960s.

AMC marginally improved the AMX for 1969 — only true car geeks would notice the revised instrumentation, slight interior upgrades or the mid-year addition of a Hurst shifter. What makes this Butternut Beige metallic AMX stand out is the unusual armrest and center cushion “buddy seat.” Room for three?

1982 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
If Orenthal was a Chevy guy, maybe he would have been driving this. It features the same truck credentials in a package that’s slightly more vintage thanks to its pre-aero style. With automatic-locking hubs and standard four-speed manual, the four-wheel drive Blazer was equipped for the road to rough, non-stop.

A little less rough-and-tumble is this 1982 Blazer featuring an upgraded 350ci V8 and new TH350 three-speed automatic. Along with cloth and vinyl bucket seats, and full instrumentation, you can make a comfortable get-away with whatever throws itself in your way.

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Silver Arrow Edition
Here’s a version of the SL you may not know about, a tribute edition called Silver Arrow that harkens back to the Silver Arrow race cars of the 1930s. The $13,725 package included special paint and red Nappa leather interior, designo black piano wood trim, 19-inch AMG five-spoke wheels and more.

As such, this 66,909-mile example listed for more than six figures when new, and you just may be surprised what you can get this for (although we are always cheering for high bids!). Powered by a 382-horsepower 5.5-liter V8 with a seven-speed automatic, this 2009 SL 550 is one of 550 Silver Arrow editions built.

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