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This week’s AutoHunter Picks lean heavily towards American muscle. I try not to lean on this classification too much because it’s somewhat my specialty, but this week there are several classic performance cars that are worthy of collectors’ attention. Hopefully you won’t notice they’re all General Motors products, but there’s no bias here because I can’t control what’s listed on AutoHunter (that’s a hint for you Brand Xers to list your cars with us!).

1972 Chevrolet Corvette
To many, this is the last of the truly classic Vettes. Nineteen seventy-two was the last year for the domed hood and chrome nose, and the final appearance of the LT-1 350. Low-compression killed things starting the previous year, but it’s not as bad as we used to think.

This Corvette was originally built with the LS5 454, but now it features a ZZ502 crate motor putting out 508 horsepower. This car offers classic Vette style with reliable , tire-shredding horsepower. While we would never endorse a street takeover, this Vette would show those Fast & Furious wanna-bes who’s boss.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS Pace Car
Camaro pace cars have it all: Super Sport performance equipment, attractive Rally Sport trim, and a great color combo that includes orange houndstooth cloth and vinyl interior. Did I mention they’re all convertibles?

The data plate shows the “Z11” code that confirms pace car status. Of course, the standard 350/300 is here, plus Cowl Induction, console with accessory gauges, AM/FM stereo radio and three-spoke woodgrain steering wheel.

1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Everyone laments the facelift on the 1974 Firebird, but think of it this way: out of all the cars that featured updated bumpers in 1973-74, which ones came off looking good? Very few, and I submit the 1974 as being among the best.

The 1974-76 Firebirds are overshadowed by the original 1970-73 versions or the 1977-78 Bandits, meaning this very attractive ’74 may end up being a good value in comparison. A 400 four-speed combo and “Screaming Chicken” hood decal make this T/A a winner.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Clone
If you remember this video, you learned that you may be able to purchase the original invoice of a particular General Motors vehicle built or sold new in Canada. As such, that could help verify this Chevelle came from the factory as a Super Sport.

However, if you note the “M35” code on the Oshawa-build Chevelle’s data plate, that means it was originally built with Powerglide automatic, which wasn’t available with any big-block. That means this vehicle isn’t a real SS, but if you would rather beat it than stare at it in a garage, that’s all the better, no?

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