Care by Volvo Now Available for California Residents

You may have heard some chatter about subscriptions in regards to new cars. Just when you couldn’t feel more old, along comes another way for automakers to change the way business is done. In particular, Volvo is finally offering Care by Volvo to California residents so they may have the option of a flexible subscription lease program that includes usage, maintenance, road hazard coverage, limited excess wear allowance and other common services — all via one monthly payment. Even insurance coverage is taken care of!

No word on whether the upcoming Volvo EX90 will have Care by Volvo available, but we anticipate it.

This program will roll out in February 2023 “in response to consumers’ increasing desire for simplicity and flexibility when it comes to ownership, whether it’s a mobile device, streaming channels, or a car.” The Care by Volvo subscription is an option that you can choose for your new Volvo, no different than adding a heads-up display or bigger wheels to the options list, whether you’re buying, financing or leasing.

“We are thrilled to give Californians the ability to subscribe to their cars,” says the Senior Vice President Americas and President and CEO of Volvo Car USA, Anders Gustafsson. “Volvo is about giving people the freedom to move in a personal, safe and sustainable way. The simplicity and flexibility Care by Volvo offers is unmatched.”

Volvo EX90

What distinguishes Care by Volvo over traditional leases is the lack of long-term commitment — you can cancel your subscription and return the vehicle after making your fifth payment (though some states like Illinois require 12 months). Up to now, Care by Volvo has not been available to California residents, but that’s changing in February 2023.

Volvo also has another subscription service called Polestar Engineered Optimization. Named after Volvo’s performance brand, this software-based upgrade allows you to download software that will make your Volvo faster and more balanced with a combination of “more engine power and torque with enhancing powertrain adjustments.” Fuel economy and emission levels are not affected, and neither is the warranty. There are up to six upgrades available for Volvo models.

To start the process for Care by Volvo, interested parties can visit to research and choose a Volvo model before visiting a retailer to review prices. Once an order is initiated, they receive a link to complete the application process from the comfort of their own home, local Starbucks or anywhere else. Approved Care by Volvo subscribers can choose a delivery date, visit the retailer to finish the paperwork and then drive off in their new vehicle.

Still confused what this new-fangled subscription thing is? Visit your local dealer to find out more.

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