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Selling Parts Through Online Marketplaces

If your parts department is not ready to run its own parts web store, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are great options to gain access to parts buyers across the country. 

Between the two platforms, there are over 300 million shoppers who generate billions of dollars a year.

In particular, eBay is a great place for your parts department to offload obsolescence. This means that instead of writing off old parts or letting them sit on the shelf, taking up space, your parts department can sell them to DIY-ers online for top dollar. This will allow your parts department to recoup the most money for parts they cannot sell over at their parts counter.

While Amazon and eBay are structured with additional fees and costs, RevolutionParts helps alleviate them. With RevolutionParts, many of these fees are waived, and your parts catalog can be uploaded instantly, making it easier to manage. 

Although both Amazon and eBay are associated with fees and additional costs, with RevolutionParts, many of these fees are waived, and your entire parts catalog can be uploaded simultaneously, making it easier to manage.

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