1948 Chevrolet pickup “Enyo” (4K)

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1948 Chevrolet pickup “Enyo” (4K)

In Greek mythology, Enyo is the goddess of violent war who derives pleasure from destruction and carnage. However, its namesake is a1948 Chevrolet pickup truck by Ringbrothers that dominated the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Enyo is a truly unique creation that took a big-box truck cab and turned into a dropped truck with an Indy Car-style chassis and 1,000-horsepower Goodwin tall-deck racing engine.

Enyo is the product of a 10,000-hour, nearly decade-long build, and the self-described “anti-street rod” is chopped and channeled with CAD-designed trim and parts. The pickup won SEMA’s Battle of the Builders as the 2022 Best Overall Build, dominated its class of the Hot Rod & Hot Rod Trucks, and was named the competition’s Grand Champion. Enyo proves that a namesake doesn’t define your future, and it’s better to create than destroy.

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