B.E. Creative with Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Services staff know all about food. Not only do they take care of the daily diets, but they also work with the keeper staff to provide novel food items to the animals. Mustard, ketchup, honey, fruits, veggies, nuts, you name it, they got it-or if they don’t,
they know where to get it! More than that, the staff are a group of enthusiastic individuals that are looking to celebrate the species
in our care in unique ways!

They can, and have, created amazing treats for special occasions and are always looking for new, fun ways to show off their skills!
Utilizing an animal’s diet, they help keepers provide unique presentations of their food in order to enrich the individuals. Ice treats are a fun and easy thing for them to do and there is an infinite amount of creative possibilities within the treats. They can be made from milk, blood, Gatorade, chicken broth, diluted juices, etc. Utilizing different molds, they create elaborate shapes, and even not using elaborate molds, they carve unique designs into the components, and utilize different techniques to truly make each individual one special. 

You may have seen some of their recent creations during Halloween and Orangutan Caring Week, and these are just two examples of ways that Nutrition Services truly excels at working with the keepers to enrich our animals. We are thankful to have some creative individuals in the kitchen and look forward to all of the future creations!

Phoenix Zoo

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